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Walking Aids and Accessories

If you’ve recently decided that you’d benefit from a walking aid, the next step is determining which one is right for you. After all, there are a plethora of options and you want to feel confident you’re choosing the one that matches your individual needs. Whether you’re someone who lives with a disability or someone who’s suffered an injury, a walking aid can be very beneficial.

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A cane will support your body weight and help transfer the load from the legs to the upper body. This is an ideal option for users who are at risk of falling. Most users who utilize canes have mild to moderate issues with balance and stability. Some canes are foldable or adjustable depending on the specific model you choose.


Walkers consist of a metal frame with four legs that provide the user with stability and support. You’ll need to have enough upper body strength to lift the frame and move it forward as you walk. There are some models that have wheels or glides on the base of the legs so you can slide it forward instead of lifting it.


Crutches are similar to canes in helping to transfer weight from the legs to the upper body. You’ll have the choice of using one or two crutches. This mobility aid helps keep the user upright and are often used in short-term injuries or permanent disabilities. The most common options are axillary crutches for the underarms and Lofstrand crutches for the forearms.